Bailout My Blog

My blogger career has barely launched and yet I seem to be failing at it. In order to save my blogging job in this dreadful recession, I’ve decided to try a new tactic, and will now do a weekly blog on a delectable food item. Everyone wants to read about Ford, right? Save my blog! My bailout plan was inspired by several of my biggest inspirations. My first and most prominent inspiration is agriculture, more specifically, corn farming. For those of you who do not know, I am an agriculture and communications major, so this new angle on blogging will hopefully help me get a job in my field of study after I graduate. The “Corn Field” seems to be the area where I shine. My blog was surely failing because I was not including enough about corn farming.

Nafaka: Ag Superfan!

My second biggest inspiration is Martha Stewart. Martha has been making home life more fabulous as long as I can remember. She makes fabulous things and then puts them on display for the world to enjoy. Martha has been on my list of idols right up there with Mother Theresa since I’ve known the definition of idol. She truly is an inspiration to all females everywhere.

The third inspiration I had for my bailout plan came from an unorthodox source, another blogger. The Pioneer Woman has clearly made her way in the world (at least in recent years) through blogging. The Pioneer Woman photographs each step of a cooking process, and places this step-by-step process on her blog. This is precisely what I am going to do in my new, improved blog. I will make various corn recipes (hopefully I can find most from Martha) and blog about each step of the food making process.

As an added bonus, this will prepare me for being the perfect housewife for Chad Greenway . He might even ask me to be his girlfriend after he reads a few of my posts! If he doesn’t read my blogs, maybe I’ll get big enough and Martha-like enough that she’ll ask me on her daily show! Or maybe—ok, so I might be getting a little ahead of myself, but I have high expectations for this new angle. Stay tuned for corn-inspired recipes.

Chad Greenway, if you’re out there, please please please read my blog, and notice what a great cook I am!

Always keep growing,