E85 Border Battle

Tonight will be a quick post.

I have to write about the E85 Border Battle before I fall asleep (I can’t get it off my mind!). The results of the battle have yet to be revealed to me (I am waiting to make a phone call to the Minnesota branch of the American Lung Association to discover the results). Goldie the Gopher kept the customers entertained before I could arrive on the Border Battle scene. During my appearance at the Lake Elmo Holiday, a steady stream of cars filtered into the gas station parking lot, surely to see me. The lot was so busy, the manager of the gas station had to cut people off of the 85 cents off deal–and trust me, there was a disappointed line.

Several young admirers, drawn to the station by the large E85 sail banners, asked to take pictures with me. Each of the photos taken presented an opportunity to talk about ethanol. There were many people who were die-hard fans; which lead me to find some new best friends. My favorite people of the day were two young girls and one fatherly looking van driver.

The two young girls walked over to me, arm and arm, with a camera already fired up. The first thing they told me was “I really like your shoes” while the other admired my pearls. Clearly these two have a good taste in fashion and an even better taste in fuel. These two became my first besties of the day.

The fatherly looking van driver spoke in detail as to why he loved corn ethanol so much. He explained how he first bought a flex-fuel vehicle for his son, and then realized how much money his son was saving and bought one for himself. After the money-saving initial draw, he explained how he learned about how environmentally friendly corn ethanol was (believe me, he knew his facts, from the amount of water used to the number of CO2 s ethanol releases).

Although I do not know the results of the Border Battle, the Minnesota side was surely more enthusiastic than the Wisconsin side. The results will reveal the true winner of the E85 Border Battle (. . . to be continued).


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