Follow-Up: Ag Awareness Day

Ag Awareness Day at the University of Minnesota was the I have never seen so many people my age be so excited about agriculture–much less in the middle of the Twin Cities–than at the U of M last Tuesday. I only stayed for half of the day (I couldn’t miss my Islam class) but I can only assume the enthusiasm level was risen to unspeakable heights after I left. Here is a healthy dose of highlights from Ag Awareness Day:

  • My favorite part of the day was how many compliments I received on my heels, even by the students I walked by that were not partaking in the Ag Awareness Day event. I know this day was all about agriculture, but there is always time for fashion.

Photo by Richard Marshall/St. Paul Pioneer Press

  • I think some people were surprised that I was a female, but I was wearing heels, so I am not sure what the confusion was about. There is still room for female advocates in an industry is dominated by males.
  • I do not like to brag, but I was the unofficial queen of Ag Day (and I would have been supreme ruler too if the llamas would not have stepped in and stolen my thunder).

Photo by Richard Marshall/St. Paul Pioneer Press

  • The smiling faces in the picture say it all, they were excited to be around me. (Thanks again Richard for sharing the picture, such a doll!)
  • These smiling faces were part of the Minnesota Daily, so you know an event is a big deal when there are media folks smiling that big at an event they are covering.
  • Speaking of media, this picture was shown in the Pioneer Press, and I was briefly on KARE11 TV! MCGA‘s Riley Maanum was interviewed for the 6 O’clock news also on KARE11.
  • The media had plenty to cover, since out on Northrup Mall, roughly 15 agriculture groups had free giveaways and games galore. The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association and Minnesota Corn Growers Association had the most popular interactive booths. MSGA had a trivia game that involved spinning a wheel and winning a prize. MCGA hosted a game of corn toss and I walked around asking people about their corn knowledge.

Me playing corn toss next to MCGA’s Jenna Kromann.

  • There was a mini petting zoo all day. Animals at the petting zoo included cows, chickens (and the incubated eggs), sheep, and llamas.
  • Inside of Northrop Auditorium, there was a panel of agriculture specialist talking about their specialty. I was too busy working the crowd, so I unfortunately missed the details of those specialties.
  • Following the panel, Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore gave a presentation.
  • I suppose I should mention that Beef Man was there, also trying to steal my thunder. He had quick-like-a-bunny boots on and would play tricks on me throughout the day. This is why I believe he deserves the last bullet point, even though I think a lot of people enjoyed him being at Ag Awareness Day.

The first annual Ag Awareness Day was a great success. The event was particularly great because the non-farming public and the farming public intersected in a way that worked magically. I was having a conversation with @ zweberfarms about how these two public groups  rarely interact and talk about agriculture together. This event showcased the possibility of agricultural conversations occurring more often in the future. To misconstrue  Martin Luther King Junior’s speech:

I have a dream, that little farming girls and little farm boys will be able to join hands with little city boys and little city girls.

As always, keep growing.



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  1. Karen said,

    May 2, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Nice-looking blog, Nafaka. I like the links to other sites, too.

    Some cobs might have wimped out on the footwear, substituting sensible earth shoes for heels. Clearly the stylish pumps were the right choice. Maybe you need to think about a hat for summer events.

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